5 Outdoor Activities For Corporate Team Building

Summer is not forever, but the fun things you can do during this season don’t end there. Planning an activity for a small group is not as challenging as organizing an event for a big crowd. So in case you are assigned to look for something to do with your colleagues any time soon, presented here are five one of a kind ideas for corporate team building singapore that will make you have fun, grow as one team, and help you bond as a company.

The Paintball Game


Have that cardio exercise as you strategize to take down your co-workers in a paintball game. This game is a great activity for teambuilding Singapore because this will make you work as one team in order to capture the base of the other team or your competitor.

In playing this kind of game, you don’t have to worry about getting your shirt or dress dirty since various paintball parks now offer it indoor and or with an artificial turf you can use for the entire game session. A tip, make sure to have a reservation ahead of time or book early as this game is very popular to everyone.

The Bossaball


If you haven’t heard of this kind of game, it is the combination of volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. Your field will be like your childhood’s giant bouncy castle, which will definitely give you a full body workout. Trampoline is the main material used for this big bouncy platform that will help you up in the air for a longer period of time so you can do that kicks and flips to keep the ball in play for as long as you possibly can.

The Game of Escape


Work on this game as one team. For you to escape in those locked rooms within a set time, you have to wisely use your clues and think out of the box. The concept of this game is for the game players to feel like as if they are one of those characters in a movie or video game while physically acting out the story.

For some venue, they offer up to 8-game themes under different level of difficulties that you need to escape from. This game is a combination of physical and mental challenges. You will either be required to solve Sudoku puzzles or crawl into very small spaces. If you want to know more about this game, there are online articles and videos you can check for more details.

Visit Trick Art Museum


If you want something new on your team building Singapore itinerary, why not try doing somewhat like impossible to the eyes. One way to do this is to visit trick art museum in Singapore. These kinds of museums have an estimated 100 trick art pieces your team will surely enjoy doing their crazy poses with.

Try Waterpark in a Theme Park


If you can’t still get over your summer getaways with the group, why not invite them to try theme park’s waterpark that is available all year round. Have that one-on-one encounter with around 20,000 water species in one space. Since the location of this attraction is inside a theme park, make sure to go early for your group to enjoy what this venue has to offer.

Whatever you choose from the above recommendations, keep in mind your goal on why you are planning this company bonding event. That it should be a combination of having fun and building relationships.


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