Tips for a Comfortable Family Trip to Singapore

Singapore is an excellent location for a family vacation. It is not only because there are tons of very interesting and fun attractions but also because of the ease of travelling around the country. Public transportation is very clean and safe. Even if you are travelling with toddlers or little children, travelling around the country is very easy with public transport. If you are intending to take the family to a trip of Singapore, we compiled a list of tips you can use when you get here.


  • Where to stay?

There are a lot of family-centric hotels in the country. Family room hotels in Singapore provide big and small families enough room to rest and relax after a day of travelling around the country. Plus, there are also a lot of amenities that are perfect for children. Amenities you can find in a family hotel are typically suited for large families. This means there are day care centres available for parents who have errands to run. It is very convenient as it provides children and parents alike with activities they can do in their spare time. Family rooms in Singapore also have cable TV to keep children entertained during their down time.

  • Where to eat?

If you are lucky and your kids aren’t very picky eaters, there are a lot of great eats in Singapore perfect for your little foodie. Hawker centres are clean and provide your family with enough variations to keep everyone happy. If hawker centres aren’t your thing, there are also great places where you can dine with your family. Singapore is a very international city that provides a lot of different types of cuisines that will be able to meet your children’s very specific tastes. If all else fails, most family suites in Singapore provide in-room service where you can order food from the hotel that are geared towards children.

  • Where to go?

Singapore has a lot of different attractions for the whole family. Here are some age specific attractions that your children will surely enjoy.


Toddlers are probably the toughest age group to travel with. But they are also the age group that is easy to entertain. Children in this age group will absolutely enjoy visiting the country’s many award winning zoos. It is both educational and entertaining for the whole family.

-Five to Seven Year Old Children

Five to seven year old children enjoy being active and outdoors when on vacation. A hiking trip to the Southern Ridges or a trip to the Wild Wild Wet water park will certainly make their trip worthwhile.

-Eight to Twelve Year Old Children

Older children are a little bit harder to entertain. The best attractions for them would be theme parks in and around Singapore. There’s a Universal Studios in Sentosa Island and they will also enjoy going for a short trip to Malaysia for the Legoland theme park.

If you have a big family, most family hotels in Singapore provide shuttle services for your convenience. This makes it much easier for you to go to and fro your destinations. Where do you plan to go in your trip to Singapore?




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