Navigating Singapore In the Wisest Way Possible

A way to appreciate the sights and sounds of Singapore is to have a carefully planned trip with a very specific itinerary to follow.  Consider the number of days that your group is supposed to spend in the country, your overall budget for the food, transportation, entrance fees for museum, galleries or theme parks, hotel or small inns of your choice—while still leaving some amount for possible spur-of-the-moment shopping on night markets and bazaars.

While you may not be the kind of excursion group that wants an annoying tour guide, it is still best to have a chartered bus in Singapore to lead you to certain places, safe and sound. Remember that this is your first time to navigate the city—and normally, a bus charter with a group is one the wisest decisions you can ever make as you do not have to worry about getting from one point to another;  if you have a reliable chartered bus, you can spend the group’s time effectively and efficiently sans the frequently worrisome habit of always referring to the map. Let’s face it, tours and travels may cause strain and stress if you are always clueless on how to get from one place to another. It is the very reason why a lot of rookie tourists opts to go for a coach rental in Singapore  to avoid the hassle of looking like a lost lamb in the city—while everyone around you ca not help but laugh at how foolish you may look .


By the way, here are some of the best spots to visit while in the country. However, do not limit your self to this recommendations as there sure are a lot of places to certainly entice the traveller in you—depending on your preferences and personalities. Read the recommendations and see for yourself.


  • Universal Studios

Popular rides like Return of the Mummy/Battlestar Galactica will surely delight the daring and adventurous travellers as they get the ultimate adrenaline rush upon the once in a lifetime experience. But Universal Studios is such a huge area that you can also see famed rides like Jurrasic Park Rapids and even get the chance to stop by the Water World.  Just make sure you prep and psyche yourself for what lies ahead as you may get overwhelmed with the thousands of great things to experience in this piece of paradise.


  • Wild Life Adventure

If you are the type of person who finds peace in nature, this is the best spot for you. Try out the River Safari, which said to be the first in Asia, and experience living a day with animals and the natural world. It sure will revive your spirit and you will have a renewed perspective about our environment as well.


  • Romantic Cable Car Date

If getting across a long and high terrain with a cable car is not enough amusement for you, you might want to avail an arranged sky dining experience while in it. It doesn’t have to be with a significant other. If you are doing this as a group, you may just travel in pair and appreciate the local gastronomy with the lovely night sky in Singapore.

There are more. But we will leave that for you to explore.


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